Who we are

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Comme à la maison is a company which aims to find for you the best products in Hong Kong; Our job is to seek quality products at the best prices on the market from food and beverage distributors. Our product list evolves over the weeks and months, offering you new products regularly.

Currently we are working on a 5 families of products


from Cheese House considered one of the best cheesemakers in Hong Kong.

Cold Cut :
coming mainly from Pata Negra hong kong the best of the Iberian products, we also work with an Italian importer for the charcuterie.

Meat :
close collaboration with different meat importers with an exceptional selection of meat from Argentina, France and Australia.

Our meats have been sectioned among the best farms, using no GMOs or hormones we certify quality organic meat.

Seafood and shellfish: From directly from Brittany in France each week.

Wine :
with our wine merchant partners, ensures us a selection throughout the year of wine from all over France with a selection of the best French wine producers.