Barbecue Chef Service

BBQ Chef 

As at home he is also our BBQ chef, we can organize BBQ parties for up to 40 people for you.

Regarding the BBQ we can come to your home to organize a BBQ event, with only the service of the BBQ chef alone, or come with a catering (meat, wine, cheese, cold meats)

barbecue chef service

Our Beef

comes from argentina, 100% natural without GMOs, without antibiotics

Our Chicken

comes from France in free range without GMO and without antibiotic

Our sausages

are made by our French butcher, fresh meat without additives without colouring.

Our Cheeses

are selected by one of the best cheesemaker in Hong Kong.

Our Charcuterie

is a selection from the Pata Negra company,

the top of the Iberian charcuterie.

Our Wines

are part of a rigorous selection of our French wine merchants

specially chosen for our BBQ events.

For more information, please contact us to get a custom quote.