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Food Tasting (A La Carte)

Who has never wanted to be able to taste certain wines, cheeses, cold meats before buying them?

I offer a turnkey service, I provide  wines, cheeses, cold cuts, etc., depending on the service chosen. A taste and sensory experience around the discovery of 6 wines, a moment of sharing, exchanges and conviviality with your guests. At the end of the evening, you will have the opportunity to buy all the products tasted.

An opportunity to meet in a friendly atmosphere. Organize a tasting around good wines with your guests according to your tastes and your budget


Comme a la Maison can organize itself around the discovery of wines from different French regions, a single region or a single wine color. It’s up to you to choose your theme.

The discovery of 6 French wines is accompanied by different dishes :cold cuts from different countries such as Italy, France or Spain, cheese from France and Italy, oysters from Brittany.

Duration of the tasting about 2 hours

Minimum  pacs: 8

Maximum pacs:16